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Updated: Jan 23

Congratulations! You’re engaged. Before you go any further with your wedding planning, make sure you take care of the number one most important component of your big day: your wedding vows. Eighteen years ago, I was in your shoes and I know the drill…as soon as the ring was placed on your finger, visions of white chiffon gowns, four-tiered confections, and your nearest and dearest turning out a perfect rendition of the Git Up at your reception danced in your head.

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Perhaps you have been dreaming up the perfect wedding color scheme since you were five years old, and maybe you and your fiancé have already discussed possible reception venues and wedding party candidates. Or, maybe, like many newly engaged couples, you don’t have a clue where to start, but eventually find yourself designing your very own wedding website on the knot and staring at a checklist the size of that aisle length train you’ve been fantasizing about.

Your vision may include the grandest reception hall, your guests bedecked in black-tie elegance. Or maybe you’re more of a barefoot on the beach kind of couple, followed by a traditional New England clam bake. Regardless of whether you’ve been planning your wedding day since you were potty trained and nothing but Vera Wang will cut it, or are just starting to wrap your head around coordinating one of the biggest days of your life and are perfectly happy toasting with a bottle of beer, one thing you absolutely CANNOT overlook is your wedding ceremony.

Make Your Wedding Ceremony Memorable!

Think about it – all weddings, regardless of budget, location, guest list, or décor, have one thing in common: before anyone clinks glasses and toasts the happy couple, a legal rite of passage must occur. And just as wedding receptions will differ largely from one couple to another, so too, will the ceremony. As a Justice of the Peace, I have officiated over 500 weddings and the one common denominator is that every ceremony includes an exchange of vows. Your officiant can ramble on and on about the covenant of marriage. He or she can read bible passages, sonnets, and poems quoting the most scholarly philosophers on the gravity of the ritual about to unfold. But the vows you say to each other – the promises you make about the future ahead of you – those words may be the most significant part of your wedding day. If done correctly, they are words that not only your partner will cherish, but your guests will remember for years to come. More importantly, they are words you will live by and that tell the story only the two of you share.

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How to Write Amazing Personal Vows….

So now what? You’ve read this blog, I’ve made my point, and you totally agree…but writing isn’t exactly your forte. Instead of losing sleep and brain cells attempting to write what may well be even more important than your college dissertation, focus your energy on flower arrangements and sampling cake flavors. Leave the writing to me. Seemingly, having someone else write your wedding vows may appear fraudulent – didn’t I just got finished droning on about the importance of exchanging words that are meaningful and personal to just the two of you? Yes, I did. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little fine-tuning from a professional vow writer. The process is simple: you fill out a detailed questionnaire about your relationship; for just $150 (short money compared to the small fortune you may spend on a cake, which, let’s face it, has no lasting value), I take that information and turn your thoughts, feelings, and future promises into a set of vows you will feel proud to share with the love of your life on your wedding day. And once you do, you can celebrate your marriage in whatever way suits your style – even if that means ordering in pizza and binge-watching Netflix. Because a party only lasts a few hours – but your vows will last a lifetime.

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