Wedding Ceremony Script Services

Your ceremony is the opening act of your wedding celebration. Kick off your guest’s experience with an unforgettable ceremony that will set the tone for the entire event. If your celebrant is new to the world of officiating, or even a seasoned professional who needs a fresh set of eyes, I can put together a ceremony that will make them shine and will set the bar for all future weddings your guests attend.

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Speech Writing Assistance

Wedding toasts are the one time during your wedding reception when everyone stops what they’re doing and gathers in eager anticipation to hear what your speakers have to say.  You have the opportunity to make these moments extraordinary; to tug at your guests’ heartstrings and fill the room with a shared understanding of the true meaning behind the love you and your partner share.  Your speakers have a huge responsibility to deliver – send them to me to ease the stress of the important role you have asked them to bear.  Trust me – they will thank you!